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Deny and Die

I don’t need your stinkin’ vaccine, I’ve got a tube of Hydroxychloroquine. And I’m not scared of any infection, ‘Cause I’ve been chewing Ivermectin. Don’t think that I’m a conspiracy nut, just because I shine a light up my butt. Go to a doctor? That’s a reach. I’ll listen to Trump and drink my bleach. … Continue reading Deny and Die


As I get older, I realize that I don’t have the physical or mental powers I had when I was young.  My health isn’t as good as it was.  My left hip is certainly weaker than it was in my youth.  Age does have one thing going for it, though, perspective.  I didn’t just read … Continue reading Perspective

Make Me Proud

Some of the things I’ve written lately have offended a few people.  They didn’t like things I said about Republicans in general and Donald Trump in particular.  This issue will be different.  It will probably piss off everyone. The Fourth of July is coming up and Americans will be celebrating their Independence from Great Britain.  … Continue reading Make Me Proud

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