Greatest American Geek

greatest-american-heroI decided it was time to upgrade.  (There was a sale.)  Since I like to work with two (or more) computers at the same time, I bought two of the exact same laptops.  They arrived at the beginning of May.  I am still trying to set them up.

I’m reminded of that old TV show, The Greatest American Hero.  The aliens gave Ralph a special suit that gave him incredible powers.  Unfortunately, he lost the owner’s manual and spent the next few seasons flying into walls.  I’m flying into a few walls myself.  There was no owner’s manual in the box.  But wait, when I turned it on there was a tile on the screen for a manual.  I clicked it.

You need to connect to the internet.

Okay, well how do I do that?  Until I get online, I don’t have a manual.

Good thing I didn’t wait until my old computer died.  I had to use my old computer to go online and look up how to work my new computer.

I resisted the urge to set everything to “classic” mode, so that it would look like my old operating system.  What’s the sense of upgrading, if I’m not gonna try to learn something new?

But then again, what’s the sense of wasting all those old brain cells that were devoted to learning the old system?  So, I’m now using as many “classic” screens as possible.  I’ll learn the new stuff when I have time to read the online owner’s manual.

Peace and Love, and all of the above,