Product Placement

We’ve gotten used to seeing Product Placement in the movies and on TV.  There was even a movie that was totally financed by products strategically placed in the movie.

Greatest Movie Ever Sold

But now this trend seems to be spreading to the oval office.

We’re building the wall, and Goya is paying for it.

But, Americans should know that Product Placement in the Oval Office is nothing new.  Presidents have been using their Office to shill for many products over the years.

Bush - Texas chainsawClintons - Magic ShopGeorge Washington - DentistryJimmy Carter - Billy BeerLincoln - HaberdasheryObamas - Fake IDRon and Nancy Reagan - ClairolTeddy Roosevelt - Rough Rider CondomsThomas Jefferson - Slave Auctions

And now even Presidential hopefuls are getting in on the action.

Joe Biden with Mask

Do you keep accidentally sticking your foot in your mouth?

Then, do what I do.  Wear a Johnson & Johnson Mask.

So, America, don’t be worried by recent product placements in the Oval Office.  It takes a lot of money to fund a Presidential campaign, and corporations are just trying to help us out.

Buy America.  Uh, I meant, Buy American.

Peace & Love, and all of the above,




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Kanye West and Trump

Did you hear that Kanye West is now running for President? I think it’s a conspiracy that he cooked up with Donald Trump. I don’t think Trump has to worry about anyone in his fanbase switching their vote to Kanye, but, I bet they’re hoping to siphon off many of the Black votes that would normally be cast for Joe Biden. I hate to admit it, but I think it’s actually a clever maneuver. It’s double clever, because Joe can’t counter the move. Which Biden supporter could enter the race, to siphon off Trump votes without costing Biden votes? I can’t think of anybody.

But there is something spectacular that Biden could do. I double checked the 22nd Amendment. He could ask Barack Obama to be his running mate. Obama can’t run for President again, but he can run for Vice-President, or any other elected office he chooses. During the current “Perfect Storm” of crises I’d much rather see a team in the White House that has proven that they can weather serious storms, than reality show stars, who only cause storms. It’s time for the American people to value competence over TV fame in their elected officials. I think that Biden-Obama would be a winning team. They might not get the Kardashian vote, but they’d get my vote, the Democrat vote, the Black Vote, some Republican votes, and probably Taylor Swift’s vote, too.

Peace & Love, and all of the above,