The Final Four – A Super Bore

KFC Witness Protection Program

After this past weekend’s football games, the contenders for this year’s Super Bowl are now narrowed down to 4 teams – The San Francisco Forty-niners, The Seattle Seahawks, The Denver Broncos, and some other team.  I forgot who the last team is.  Honestly.  I guess that shows how little interest I have in this year’s Super Bowl.


I don’t think many people really care about the Super Bowl.  When our favorite team isn’t in the game, we really don’t care who wins.  We only care about the score of the game, and how close we are to winning the football pool, you know, that big grid with 100 boxes and 10 numbers across the top and 10 numbers down the side.  We only care that the box with our name in it is the winner.


Well, that’s not exactly true.  We also care about the Super Bowl Party.  That’s one of the biggest and best parties of the year.


As far as the betting is concerned, even though you may only have 1 chance in a 100 of winning the Super Bowl pool, there are two things that are sure bets every year at Super Bowl time.  There will always be the same two stories on the TV news.  One will be about a bookie that got busted taking Super Bowl bets.  The other story you can bet on is that there will be a nationwide shortage of chicken wings.  The rest of the year the breast meat may be the most popular part of the chicken, but on Super Bowl Sunday everyone wants wings.


There is one other anomaly on Super Bowl Sunday.  Everyone pays attention to the television commercials.  All year we try to fast forward past the commercials.  On Super Bowl Sunday we pay very close attention to the commercials. How weird is that?


Super Bowl Buzz – The two states that legalized recreational pot this year, Colorado and Washington, both have teams in the final four for the Super Bowl.  Since they don’t play against each other in the League Championship games, it is quite possible that they will be the two teams in the Super Bowl.  If that happens, I think this could bring Super Bowl parties to a new all-time high, literally, and chicken wings won’t be the only thing in short supply.


Peace & Love, and all of the above,


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