There’s Snow Place Like Home

Giant Snowman - 3wt

It seems like ever since I moved here it’s been one long party, and the sky just keeps throwing more confetti.  At least that’s my “glass half full” view of things.  Most people look forward to the first snowfall of the year, but very few are still awed by nature’s wonder, after they’ve seen the show a few times.  This winter most of us saw the snow show way too many times.  Finally, it’s starting to warm up, and it looks like Old Man Winter might be going to bed.  I’m glad I made it through my first winter in Pennsylvania.

Remember that Dickens story?  “It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times.”

I guess that sometimes it’s all in the way you look at things.  I found this video made by somebody else who moved to Pennsylvania this year, who found the glass not half empty, but constantly filling with snow.  I think you’ll find it amusing.  I dedicate it to all those who shoveled too much snow this year.


Peace and Love, and all of the above,



One thought on “There’s Snow Place Like Home

  1. So glad you’re having a better time than that lady! It was funny as hell, she was cute as the dickens! Missed you at the last port, I’ll miss you again for the next, going to AC. Maybe April! Take care of yourself, keep writing, maybe you can write in a character that the lady will be willing to come back from Florida for!

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