The Massacre in Lancaster

The following is a guest blog written by Brother X:

Brother X_Earl

You’ve heard of the Thrilla in Manila and the Rumble in the Jungle on May 16th you can see the Massacre in Lancaster.  A BATtle of brothers not seen since Cain and Abel will take place. Earl the Pearl Paulson (the local favorite) will challenge infamous sibling Donald “Duckie” Paulson (better known to blog readers as Brother X.) to a baseball hitting contest at Clipper Magazine Stadium in down town Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Readers are invited to see these two sexagenarians swing it out. It may turn into the disaster in Lancaster.  Here is the tale of the tape:
Earl.                                Bro X
66          Age                    64
5’11”    Height                5’6″
28″         Reach                26″
Hips   Major ailment     Cataract’s

3 thoughts on “The Massacre in Lancaster

  1. Yes, Bro, Patrice is funny. And she’s a nearby neighbor to you, but, as one of my country friends, I’m confident that she’ll be rooting for my arthritic hips to beat your goo goo googly eyes.

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