Tourist Traps

Kinky BootsKathleen_Earl_Vera_Linda

Another month, another trip to New York. It seems I do more things in New York since I moved out than I did when I lived there. Last night, I went to a Broadway show, Kinky Boots. I never used to go to Broadway shows, unless somebody had an extra ticket that they were giving away. I’ve gone to a few off Broadway shows since I moved to Lancaster, but now, going to a real Broadway show, I’ve finally stamped myself as an official tourist.

At least I’m not planning visits to the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty any time soon. And I haven’t ridden the double-decker sightseeing bus, yet, or taken a Hansom cab ride. When that happens, I’ll really be considered a tourist. I just bought a Smart Phone, and now I have to make sure I resist the urge to take selfies at New York landmarks, like Radio City, bagel shops, and pizza places.

Like usual, I’ve got a lot of things planned for this visit. On Friday, I’m going to see The Mavericks at Town Hall with Maria. This is the third time we’re going to see them. How many more times before I’m labeled a groupie?

Tonight, I went out to dinner with people I worked with at Cyber Medical back in the 1990’s. We laughed so much tonight, it was just like it used to be when we were all working together. No wonder that company went out of business.

In addition to seeing Kinky Boot this week, I also plan to see a lot of cowboy boots, too. I’m going to a Country Western Dance on Saturday. I don’t dance much anymore, but the main purpose of this visit, like all my visits, is to see old friends, and I have plenty of old Country friends and some are still willing to risk injury to their toes by letting me waltz them around the dance floor another time.

On Sunday, I’m going to dig even deeper into my past. I’m going to visit with one of my best friends from when I was a kid in South Ozone Park, Tommy Powers. I was Tommy’s Best Man when he married Lydia 40 years ago, but I’ve only seen them a few times since then. So that should be a real blast from the past, especially since my ex-wife Ginny will be there. I haven’t seen her since 1991. That reminds me of an old Woody Allen line. In his stand-up routine, he said, “I saw my ex-wife the other day but I didn’t recognize her without her hand out.”

Of course, I’m only joking. I would never say anything bad about my ex. She still has lawyers on speed dial.

Well, I hope the next 4 days are as much fun as the last 2 have been. Now, though, it’s time to go to bed. This city may never sleep, but I need my 8 hours. I’ve got a lot of New York to see tomorrow. One thing I’ve learned, though. New York may have thousands of famous touristy things to see, but it’s the people that live there, who make me keep coming back.

Peace & Love, and all of the above,



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