Suck it, Super Bowl

Puppy Monkey BabyA lot of people watch the Super Bowl because it is the epitome of Football, but let’s face it, a lot of people just watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and the half-time show.  This year, however, I think the Oscars might have had the better commercials.  And quite frankly, considering the collapse of the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl, I think the Oscars had more game.

Chris Rock, rocked it.  He really nailed it when he put diversity in perspective.  In the old days, when your grandmother was swinging from a tree, it didn’t really matter who was nominated for an Oscar.

What was it with that guy’s haircut for that guy who sang the song from Fifty Shades of Gray?  I couldn’t even concentrate on the Circue de Soleil that was going on in the background.  I just wondered what was he thinking when he got that haircut.  Even Stevie Wonder, who is blind wouldn’t let a barber give him a cut like that.

Not only could the Super Bowl learn something from the Oscar commercials, but I think the Republican Presidential debates could learn something from the Oscars.  As soon as the music started to play, the recipients shut up, unlike the Republican Candidates for President who kept talking long after the beep had sounded.

Earl Paulson would like to thank

My Mom, my Dad, my brother X and his family, brother Kevin and his family, the Academy, John and Margaret Brand and their family, Marianne, Tres. William, Jessie, and Shane Driscoll, Patrice and James, all the members of, Barbara and Jim, Barbara, Vera and all my ex-coworkers at Cyber Medical, Linda Merensky and my friends at Karaoke, my Navy friends, my country friends Tilda, Joan, Deena, and Debbie, Valerie Tarangelo, Denise Stubberfield, Cousin Deb, Dianne Brand, Geralyn and Hilary Becker, the South Ozone Park crew, Maria Fundus, my Navy friends, Nancy Goldman, Sabrina Guthrie, Sherry Burbes, Steve Dolan, Susan Harroun, Susan Leanza, Wayne Fray, and….

Music plays…

Thank you all very much, and please buy some girl scout cookies.


Peace & Love, and all of the above,


2 thoughts on “Suck it, Super Bowl

  1. The Girl Scouts around here have the right idea this year…they are selling in Sr Apartment buildings. They are safe (secured building), out of the elements and the residents don’t have to know a girl scout personally to buy cookies. They were here last Tuesday and it was great! Not sure how many boxes they sold, but within an hour they had sold out of 3 flavors and one of their troop leaders (or moms) had to make a run for more cookies. Apartment manager said she’ll have them back every year!!!! Gonna give my age away….when I was selling them they were $.25 a box. You should have heard people bitch when they went up to $.50!!!!!

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