Keep Calm and Storm On


Storm Damage

Here in Lancaster, I just bought my tickets to Opening Day of the Barnstormers 2018 Minor League Baseball season. Meanwhile, my old neighborhood got hit by a Nor’easter storm that took down the tree next door to where I used to live. My old apartment was the upstairs floor of the house on the far right of this picture.

The tree in front of my old house is still standing, and it’s even bigger than the one that came down. I’ll bet the new owners are calling a tree chopping company today.

My old neighbors weren’t hurt when the tree came down as they were on the first floor. When she saw the damage to her house, though, the lady in the house on the left had to be taken to the hospital.

I hope all my old neighbors are doing okay today, and I hope that my friends in the areas that are prone to flooding are okay.

Here in Lancaster our motto when we are trailing in a baseball game is, Keep Calm and Storm on. I hope my friends on Long Island can do likewise.

Peace & Love, and all of the above,




3 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Storm On

  1. We did have a pretty crazy storm. We were going dancing until all hell broke loose in Massapequa and it calmed down too late for us to go. Fortunately mostly trees and wires, no rescue calls that I heard. So we stormed on in front of the TV. Glad you got your tickets…opening day is right around the corner!

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