Going…Going…Not Gone

In a weird coincidence, all the male Paulsons in my family died at 67. A couple died earlier in accidents, but the rest all died when they were 67 years old. Then my Dad came along. He was so sure he was going to die at 67 that he retired at 62 so that he could have 5 years of leisure. He made it to 94. Then my older cousins, Charles, Harold and Francis all broke the curse, too. So, it looks like our family has finally beaten the curse of 67, but we still talk about it. When I turned 66, Brother X sent me a birthday card that said, “Happy Penultimate Birthday.” On my 67th birthday he sent a card that said, “Happy Last Birthday.” I am now 69, so I broke the curse, too. However, Brother X is currently 67. His 68th birthday is in July, so he still has to last 18 more days if he is going to break the curse, too.

I went to see him this past weekend, to wish him a Happy LAST Father’s Day. Ball busting doesn’t run in our family. It walks, to make sure it doesn’t skip anybody. In Kevin’s book, “A Song for Lost Angels” my little brother stated that as a child Brother X was the Devil Incarnate. I found that funny, but X didn’t. In our private e-mails I stopped calling him Brother X and switched his nickname to a more devilish sounding Beelzebro. He actually thought that was funny. Inaccurate, but funny.

He forbids me to use his real name or picture in any of my blogs, but I have disregarded his edict on several occasions. Actually, since Kevin’s book was published, I have wanted to use this picture as an avatar for Brother X. I did put it on my cell phone. I’m still trying to figure out how to get “Sympathy for the Devil” to play as his ringtone.


This past weekend I snapped a picture of him and said, “I wanted to get one last picture of him before he lays down for the dirt nap.” I caught him with the light streaming on him, like he was being called to the light. He thought that was funny, too, so he’s letting me post the picture here.


Well, actually, he didn’t think it was so funny, and he didn’t really say that I could put his picture on my blog, but what can he do to me in just 18 days or less?

Here’s hoping he can break the 67 curse, too, so I can continue busting his balls for many years to come. Live long and prosper, Beelzebro.

And a happy FIRST Father’s Day to his son DJ and grandson Cooper.

DJ and Cooper at the

Peace & Love, and all of the above,



2 thoughts on “Going…Going…Not Gone

  1. Congrats to those in the family that broke the curse and RIP to those who didn’t. Hoping that Brother X is either as strong as the curse breakers or is just too pissed at you to leave too soon. I’m sure he has much too much payback stored up! Keep on truckin’ X, you can not leave Earl to his own devices on an unexpecting and certainly unprepared world! Xox

  2. Great family story, happy Father’s Day to all the Paulsons . Even you Earl, just like the big brother you are 💕😎

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