Years before Harrison Ford played the role in the movie, David Janssen was The Fugitive on TV. He was Dr. Richard Kimbel, the falsely-accused man on the run chasing the one-armed man who killed his wife. On my only vacation in California, in between duty stations in Adak, Alaska and Todendorf, Germany I saw David Janssen in a restaurant. I was with my friend Patty Patti (real name), and I didn’t go over and ask for his autograph. He was sitting by himself huddled in a booth with his collar up, looking very much like he didn’t want to be spotted by Lieutenant Gerard or anybody else. So, I left him in peace.

Each episode of The Fugitive ended with an Epilogue. He had just had another close escape from the pursuing detective, and was getting ready to head to another town in search of the elusive one-armed man.

Well, this week I have an epilogue of my own to last week’s story. I went to the ballgame last night. They were giving out souvenir Barnstormer scarves, and playing against York, their arch rivals. York is only a short car ride away, and York is about to clinch the pennant in their division. I think their “magic number” is 2. So there were probably more York fans there than Stormer fans.

York scored 6 runs in the top of the first inning and the York fans were going crazy. I felt like you might feel if the people next door were having the party of the year and you weren’t invited. Worse yet, you had to work early in the morning, and they were raising the roof. So, with the score 6-0 after just three and a half innings, my new scarf and I left.

I continued to watch the game on YouTube, though. With the exception of Tuesday nights, when I’m with all my SilverStormer friends, I usually prefer to watch the game on YouTube. Even when I’m at the stadium, I tune in to the game on my phone. Dave Collins, the “Voice” of the Barnstormers makes it very interesting with his insights into the game and Minor League Baseball.

So, I was listening to the game and the Stormers scored 4 runs in the bottom of the fourth. York scored another run in the 5th. The Stormers took the lead in the bottom of the 8th, by a score of 8-7. Scott Schuman wasn’t able to close out the game in the top of the ninth as he gave up a home run. So, the Stormers were up in the bottom of the ninth with the score tied 8-8.

Darien Sandford (a.k.a. The Flash) singled up the middle then stole second. K.C. Hobson, now relegated to batting 9th, was up at bat. This time there was joy in Mudville. K.C. launched a hit to the gap in right-centerfield and Sandford scampered home with the winning run.

I’m glad that K.C. got his chance at redemption and it worked out for him and the Barnstormers. I’ll bet that the short ride back to York was a long, long car ride for a lot of York fans.  But I bet they’ll all be back again tonight.  I won’t be, though.  The Dutchland Rollers have a rare home game, and I’ve got to go cheer them on.  I’ll still catch glimpses of the ballgame on YouTube, though.

Peace and Love, and all of the above,




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