Swinging in the Rain

Cylo - More Cowbell015_15

Debbie and I went to see The Buddy Holly Story last week and the Lancaster Barnstormers home opener this week, and I now extend a formal apology to Maria for saying that she might be a weather jinx. It’s now obvious that I’m the one attracting rain. Maria was not even in the state of Pennsylvania on either occasion and it poured both times.

The first time, we just got wet. The second time, we danced.

A few hundred children were on the field singing the Star Spangled Banner when it suddenly started pouring. If the game was on, the umpires would have stopped the game, but nobody stops the National Anthem, so the kids kept singing. The crowd (and I use that term loosely) in the stands ran for cover. Debbie and I stayed there.   By the time the song was over we were drenched. It was still pouring but by now we couldn’t get any wetter, so we stayed there. The public address announcer played music to amuse the crowd while they waited for the rain to stop. We danced to the music. We both have bad hips and we probably looked more like a crab walking than a couple dancing, but that amused the crowd even more.

I know that I’m a little crazy, and I suspect that Debbie is even crazier, but the two of us together are Crazy Squared. Like my old friend Walter Geheogen use to say, “Three of a kind wouldn’t beat that pair.”

The sun came back out, but it kept raining for a few more minutes. Debbie and I continued to dance. Finally, the clouds went away and the announcer played, “Here Comes the Sun.” We danced the last dance.

An usher lady came running up to us with a towel and wiped down our seats. It was a kind gesture, but absolutely useless, as we were wetter than the chairs. I thanked her profusely anyhow, and we took our seats.

To put things in the right context, I only live 3 blocks from the ball field and we started drinking at my house long before the first pitch was tossed. We were probably hammered by the time our rain dance began. I think we would have done it even if we were sober, though.

We were the only ones at the game who remembered to bring cow bells, the official noisemaker of the Barnstormers. We were loud enough to make up for them, though.  Bruce Dickinson would have been proud.


They might have been able to concentrate better when I wasn’t playing the cow bell, though.  They got back-to-back homeruns while I was in the men’s room. The “Stormers” won the game 4-2.  There were supposed to be fireworks after the show, but they were cancelled due to the weather, so, on the way out, they gave everyone a free ticket to another game. They gave Debbie and I six tickets. It may not have been Dancing with the Stars, but I think we impressed the judges.

Peace & Love, and all of the above,