A Song for Lost Angels

A Song for Lost Angels Cover

Before it became a web page, Earl’s Wearld was a newsletter that I sent to the people on my mailing list.  Those of you who have been with me since those days will remember the stories I wrote about my brother Kevin and his husband Brian’s foster parenting of a set of triplets whose crack-addicted Mom put them up for adoption.


Kevin and Brian tried unsuccessfully to adopt the triplets.  Years later, though, they were able to adopt a child and shortly after that another boy.  So, their story now has a happy ending, except for the mental scars caused by the first failed adoption.


Kevin recently wrote a book about that highly emotional time in their lives and Fearless Books published it.  It is called A Song for Lost Angels.  If anyone wants to obtain a copy, you can go to www.amazon.com and type in either:

Kevin Fisher-Paulson


A Song for Lost Angels


Or else you can just click on this link.


Peace & Love, and all of the above,


One thought on “A Song for Lost Angels

  1. Retrieved an early edition and it was truly an amazing story. So happy for them to finally have their family.

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