Twelve Trees Fell in the Woods

tree in woods jason bergsieker

A recent Geico add humorously showed that when a tree falls in the woods it does make a sound.  I doubt that commercial will put an end to the philosophical argument, but it did give me something to think about, though.


If something happens, but it is not reported in the news, did it happen?  Does something lose its value if it doesn’t make the papers, radio, or TV?  I wish the answer was No, but I think the answer is Yes.


Fortunately, today we have the Internet, and stories that are marginalized or ignored my mainstream media can be found by those willing to dig for those stories.


Last week, twelve trees fell in the woods, the woods of the Pocono Mountains.  They were not heard on CBS, NBC, or ABC.  They were not of interest to the Liberal Left, so they were not heard on MSN.  They were not of interest to the Conservative Right, so they were not heard on FOX, either.  These twelve trees were heard on the Internet, though.


Those of us who enjoy the sport of Harness Racing have been marginalized and ignored by the mainstream media.  Even ESPN didn’t cover the 12 races of the Harness Racing Breeders’ Crown.  Close to $6,000,000 in purses was distributed at Pocono Downs last Saturday.  The 12 Breeders’ Crown races are often the deciding factor in the voting for Horse of the Year, Pacer of the Year, Trotter of the Year, the best 2-year-olds, the best 3 year olds, and the best aged horses and mares, but they got no coverage on the major networks.  You have a better chance of seeing Hurling on TV than Harness Racing.


Whose fault is this?  Probably the majority of the blame can be given to the sport of Harness Racing itself.  Do you know who won the Thoroughbred Triple Crown races?  Orb, Oxbow, and Palace Malice.  You’ve probably heard of them, even though none of them won more than one leg of the Triple Crown.


Do you know who won the Pacing or Trotting Triple Crown races?  Not likely.  You probably don’t even know which races are in the Pacing Triple Crown or the Trotting Triple Crown.  Actually, many fans of the sport don’t even know.  They are not well publicized, and only The Hambletonian at The Meadowlands gets any national attention.  That is the fault of Harness Racing.


Twelve trees fell in the woods of Northeastern Pennsylvania, World Records also fell.  Championships were determined, and Breeding Farms paid close attention.  But those twelve trees did not make a sound to anyone who wasn’t right there at Pocono Downs.


Harness Racing.  Please get your act together.  Market your product.  I know that you are an exciting sport with an amazing history.  Let other people in on the secret.  I’d like to be able to watch my favorite sport on TV once in a while.  Like the fallen tree pleads in the Geico commercial, “A little help here.”


Peace and Love, and all of the above,


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