We Be Jammin’

Two milestones were set last Saturday thanks to the local Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby.  Vanitti won her first MVP Jammer award, and I finally got my activity tracker to announce that I had successfully completed my goal for the day.  I don’t remember exactly what my goal for the day is, since I set it when I first bought the watch years ago, but I normally only hit about 35-40% of whatever that goal is.

On Saturday, The Dutchland Rollers competed against and defeated the Salisbury Wicomikazes from Maryland in the first match of “Monster Mashup Night.”  This was the third time I’ve attended the local roller derby, and it was easily the best.  I realized that it’s a lot like horse racing.  The more familiar you are with the athletes going around the track, the more interesting it is.  By now I recognize many of the Rollers, especially their two best jammers, Vanitti and Mega Pixel.  I also wound up cheering for one of the blockers on the Wicomikazi team, #13, Ida Crazy Mama.  (Far left in the team picture above.)  I kinda had to cheer for her, as her parents were sitting right in front of me.

At halftime, one of the other parents came over to me and asked me if I had a daughter skating on the team.  I know that she was being very tactful, because I’m probably older than most of the girl’s grandparents.  I told her that, No, I didn’t have any relatives on the track, I was just a Vanitti groupie.

In the 2nd match, continuing the Halloween theme of the evening, Witches Be Crazy defeated Ghouls Just Want To Have Fun.  Raggedy Aneurysm, #79, proved to be one of the stars for the Witches.  Ghengis Bon, #302, was my favorite Ghoul.  After that it was time to head home.  There was just one problem.  The bus had stopped running hours earlier.

I knew the bus schedule, and I had a plan for getting home.  It was a simple plan.  I knew from a Google map that the arena was just a little more than 3 miles from my apartment.  I would walk to the closest bar, have a few drinks, and then call a cab.  So, I started walking, and I quickly realized the flaw in my plan.  There weren’t any bars on that road.  It was a pleasant evening, so I figured I’d just keep walking until I got tired and then call a cab.  I made it all the way home.  The last three blocks seemed to take me almost as long as the first three miles, but I made it, and I felt good when I got home.  Tired, but good.

The next day I checked my activity tracker and found that I had reached my daily goal for the first time ever.  I had taken a total of 12,453 steps and completed 4.67 miles.  I took a few more steps to my recliner and spent the rest of the day there.  No sense pushing myself too hard.  I’ve got to save my strength for November 12th, when The Dutchland Rollers take on the Mason Dixon Roller Vixens.

Peace & Love, and all of the above,