Great Uncle Buck

Alexander of Macedonia conquered most of the known world and they called him Alexander the Great. Peter Alexeyevich ruled the Russian empire for more than 40 years, and they called him Peter the Great. Waldo Pepper was a character in a movie about flying starring Robert Redford, and they called it The Great Waldo Pepper.

I didn’t have to do diddly squat, but now they call me Great, Great Uncle Early. Suck it Alexander, Peter, and Waldo.

My nephew DJ and his wife Stacy did all the work, but I got the title. It kind of reminds me of an acceptance speech I once heard an actor give. He said, “I don’t deserve this award, but I’ve got arthritis, and I don’t deserve that either, so I’ll accept the award.

I was in Lancaster and just about to jump in the car with Brother X, Mrs. X., and their daughter Beth. We were headed to Johnstown, PA for my Aunt Jane’s 90th birthday. Then they got the call. Stacy was in labor, so instead of heading west they went back east. I waited a week before I headed there. Wait until the work is all done. That’s my motto.

Stacy gave birth to little baby Cooper James and I went to see them. I’m happy to report that Mom, baby, and all the rest of the people who were waiting anxiously for the arrival were all settle down by then.

I took this picture of DJ holding the baby and restraining their dog Cujo, I mean Mason, who was probably wondering why there was so much excitement for a tiny creature that couldn’t walk, bark, or feed himself.

Here’s a close-up of the little tyke, in which he seems to be winking at me, congratulating me on my promotion from Uncle to Great Uncle.

All the best to DJ, Stacy, Cooper, and all the members of their extended family. Thanks for the promotion.


Peace & Love, and all of the above,



3 thoughts on “Great Uncle Buck

  1. Well I’d call you Great Uncle Late because it took so long for this post! Congratulations on your promotion, best wishes to the whole family!

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